About Us


Our Vibe

Inspired by surfing, our mission is to open

 up the coastlinez by peddling our dope, gear.


The Passion Inspired Vision

If you're reading this we've captured your attention for a brief moment. So let us fuel that interest with our passion for surfing and love of coastline journeyz, wherever those coastlinez may be. We all come from different wavez of life, but it's the allure of the sea and surfing that unites thee. 

Our vision is simple: utilize our passion for chasing wavez and love for harnessing any ocean's furry to fuel our drive keeping this dream alive, all the while focusing on developing a homegrown, salted-surfer's brand dedicated to spreading a one love vibe across coastlinez worldwide.

So what’s the big idea right? Grab your boards and catch these ebbs that we're about to flow… 


The Ebbz to Our Flow...

SwellBrah!!! Well you caught the vibez, so pleaze continue this sesh! Our purpose is simple: use our one passion one love view on life through surfing and surf-inspired apparel to take back the coastlinez for all to journey. From sponsoring free parking, ensuring as many beaches as possible provide handicap and special needs access, to sponsoring charities who offer the joy of surfing to others, each one of your purchases gets us that much closer to spreading the love, spreading the good vibez, and taking the beaches back for all!

Inside the Mind of a Misfit